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Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens

Developed Bonsai

     Our Bonsai cover a wide range of styles and prices. We offer trees that have been grown for many years in Asia and recently brought to the United States. Our selection also includes specimens we have gathered in nature and those created here at the nursery. What you will see in the gallery are representative specimens in our collection.

Stock Plants

     The Bonsai stock plants range over 150 different varieties. Trees are available as one-year old seedlings, 2 to 12 year olds in 4 to 5 gallon containers, and larger and older trees in 5 to 25 gallon containers.


    We have about 2,500 pots. They vary from mame and shohin, to large hand-fired clay from Japan, China and Korea, as well as handmade pots by local artisans. Our prices and selection make this area one of the best. Because the designs are varied, pots are fragile, and some are heavy. Selecting and purchasing in the nursery is the best option.

Soil & Rock

     The soil we sell is the same group of mixtures used in the nursery. In addition, we have Akadama, Kanuma, Hyuga and Kiryu imported from Japan. Deciduous and evergreen soils are coarse sand, pumice and fir bark. All of these are clean, fast draining and very good for your Bonsai.

    We have collected rocks all over the Western U.S. They are chosen for their character, color and size.


    Please describe your needs and we will provide the price.
     Wire - Copper and anodized aluminum
     Pot screen - available in all sizes.
     Tools - imported from Japan; different styles.

Gift Items

    Yi Xing Pots
    Bonsai Stands
    Mud Men

As always, please call (530) 622-9681 or email for appointment.

We charge $25 minimum for packing and handling.
Shipping charges are passed through.

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